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Broad Spectrum MAX CBG Hemp Oil 1500mg    (53mg / mL)

Broad Spectrum MAX CBG Hemp Oil 1500mg (53mg / mL)



CBG is known in the cannabis world as the mother of all 100+ known cannabinoids, making it the most versatile. CBG has been show to significantly help things such as pain, anxiety, glaucoma, and bone growth/repair. This oil is considered Broad Spectrum because it is THC FREE.  MAX CBG has over 1500mg of total cannabinoids with 58% of that being CBG. Many people who haven't had success with CBD have been impressed with the benefits of CBG. 


MKE MAX Broad Spectrum CBG - 1500mg Total Cannabinoids per bottle. THC FREE:

900mg CBG

500mg CBD

100mg CBC


The recommended dosage is 42mg (.8ml)

There are 37 servings in this 1oz bottle.


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