Delta 8 THC Is Here!

We are excited to announce the addition of several new Delta 8 THC Products to our online store! We currently have 25mg Hard Candy and Vaporizer Cartridges in stock. 


We have 25mg Gummies on the way VERY SOON! STAY TUNED! 

Now Available!  5000mg  In-store and Online 

We are excited to announce our new Extra Strength 5000mg CBD oil! This oil was designed to give our current 2500mg customers an opportunity to save over $40.00 on a two month supply.  The recommended dosage is the same 67mg as our 2500mg, only now there are 74 doses in that bottle! !


New Product Alert!


Introducing MKE MAX CBG! CBG is known in the cannabis world as the mother of all 100+ known cannabinoids, making it the most versatile. CBG has been show to significantly help things such as pain, anxiety, glaucoma, and bone growth/repair. This oil is considered Broad Spectrum because it is THC FREE.  MAX CBG has over 1500mg of total cannabinoids with 58% of that being CBG. Many people who haven't had success with CBD have been impressed with the benefits of CBG. 

Only $97.00 

Max CBG Specs


1500mg+ Total 

900mg CBG

500mg CBD

100mg CBC


Amount Per mL

33mg CBG  (58%)

19mg CBD  (33%)

3.4mg CBC  (4%)


Our handcrafted oils start at 400mg and range all the way up to 5000mg. This gives us confidence that we can help find a serving size that works for you. Our oils, with the exception of MAX CBG, are considered Full Spectrum because they contain CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC (less than .3%).

The Max CBG oil has the same properties minus the THC.

Because we produce everything in house, that gives us flexibility. We have the ability to custom tailor an oil to your specific needs. We offer custom dosing, choice of carrier oils, and flavoring options. We have a 2 bottle minimum on custom orders. Please contact us for a price quote!


Smokable hemp flower is the latest craze in the CBD world! Hemp flower gives you the full cannabinoid spectrum and terpene benefits of organic, whole-plant medicine.  Hemp flower contains 12-20% CBD and less than .3% THC per legal requirements. Our smokable hemp flower is sourced from local farmers in Oak Creek and Hartford WI.



To make your hemp flower experience easier, we provide a FREE Happy Pack with the purchase of all 3.5g and 7g containers of flower. The kits include:


3.5g = 3 RAW Hemp cones, MKE Bic Lighter

7g = 6 RAW Hemp Cones, MKE Bic Lighter

Our 1ml vape cart is made using a crystal resistant full spectrum distillate and the highest quality organic terpenes available. There are absolutely NO chemical thinning agents of any kind used, and are available in both Indica and Sativa varieties. Our cartridges use glass containers instead of plastic with a combined ceramic heating element. These carts are made in our lab by us!




The CBD Wheel below is a fantastic tool for choosing the correct oil. It shows you which specific cannabinoids have been shown to help the conditions listed. 

MKECBD Full Spectrum products contain CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and less than .3% THC.

(Max CBG is THC Free) 


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